the world that has made us can no longer contain us.

urgency; at least we live tonight.
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3 minutes, & we have the world.

Tee. Lady person. Ampersand enthusiast, chess grandmaster in her own mind, amateur cartographer, potter, medical illustrator, woodworker, entomologist (some of her best friends happen to be spiders), writer, scientist, violinist, history buff, magician, environmentalist, and professional bookworm. In between pursuing these endeavors, she occasionally remembers to post about them in her livejournal - as well as ramblings about philosophy, politics, movies (especially horror movies), books, Jesse Eisenberg's everything, sexy ladies, religion & spirituality, mental health and sparkly things. She would love to add you to her friends list, just please be 18+ in advance. Sometimes things can get a little scandalous around here. And don't forget to comment here! She generally will not add you back if you can't be bothered, though she does appreciate that Russian spambots need love too.

ecosystems are irreplaceable.

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